The following represents a tiny fraction of the information and images available in the Chance Comments magazine.


March 1949

Recognise any of these Chance children? They are:

1) Bryan Jones
2) Sandra & Robert Pickering (at St Helens),
3) Susan Mary Grice
4) John Raymond (son of the MD, also John Raymond)
5) Patricia Walton
6) Pauline Burford

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Gallery 1

November 1953

An exhibition of Chance optical glass. The venue is not recorded, but it could be the British Industries Fair.

However, the arched roof resembles the original Crystal Palace and this may indicate it was an earlier photograph taken at the 1951 Festival of Britain, which coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace.

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An exhibvition of CHance optical glass

November 1953

An amazing photo that's not apparent until you study it closely.

It shows Edna Halpin at the St. Helens Works cutting optical blanks. But if you look closely, the photo has actually been taken through a massive piece of optical glass that was destined for the USA.

The St. Helens Optical Works was ostensibly owned by Pilkingtons (it was located within the company grounds), but on Edna's jacket pocket you can just see the familiar Chance logo.

Chance optical glass

January 1957

Filming the clock faces of the Tower of Westminster, prior to the glass being replaced with, of course, Chance opal-flashed glass.

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Filming the Clock Tower at Westminster

August 1962

The remnants of the old Nailsea works. This photo (and others) accompanied an article written by Sir Hugh Chance on the history of Nailsea, which had historical links to Chance Brothers.

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